Youth Club

Please see below for important information regarding our Youth Club. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Under the current (as of April 2022) Covid Framework, a valid vaccine pass is no longer required to attend classes at The Hive.
Masks are not required when attending classes however we ask that parents observe social distancing from other kids and families when dropping off and picking up their children.
If your child is unwell please keep them home.
Please bring a drink bottle and wear comfortable clothing and shoes to run/jump etc in. Please ensure shoes are clean.
We do have limited numbers is class so registration is required.
Please complete the form here:

Payment can be made by Eftpos or online banking.
THE HIVE LTD 12-3144-0268579-00.
Please contact us if you require an invoice.

To help us minimise the risk of COVID spread we ask parents Drop off and Pick up only at this time.

We typically recommend parents drop kids off and pop back at the end of the session. (refer Pick Up & Drop off times)

We have a small studio space so there is limited space available for parents to wait. Generally, we find our kids stay more focused without their parents watching but we understand some kids may like to have their parents nearby, especially during their first session.

If you do decide to stay we just ask you to refrain from 'coaching from the sideline' so that we can keep the kids focused on the tasks at hand.
Juniors can be dropped off after 3:15pm, and picked up between 4:10-4:20pm.

Seniors can be dropped of after 4:00pm and picked up between 5:00-5:15pm.

If you need any special arrangements, such as an earlier drop off or pick up please let us know. You are welcome to park and wait in any of the parks in front of the shops.

Designed for kids aged 8-12yrs

Every session is different, running for approx 40mins and typically consists of:

Warmup (5min)

Focus (8-10min) - Practice skills like squats, jumps, deadlift, pressing, pushup, jump rope, etc.

Workout (6-8min): Every workout is different but is designed to ensure kids of all levels can take part and will often involve putting our skill of the day into practice.

Game (5min): Classic games with a fitness twist. These help us incorporate play into our exercise and also develop skills such as accuracy, quick thinking, balance, coordination, and teamwork.

Designed for teens aged 13-16yrs

Every session is different, running for approx 40mins and typically consists of:

Warmup (5-10min):

Focus (5-15min): Teens practice skills like double-unders, deadlift, squat, pull-ups, etc and learn to work safely with weights.

Workout (5-15min): Designed to incorporate skills and may challenge both strength and cardiovascular abilities.

Cool Down (5-15min): Time dedicated to stretching and accessory work for a balanced training session.
We ask that if your child is feeling unwell they stay home until they are feeling better.

If your child is nursing an injury or has some physical limitation please let us know prior to the session starting.

You can request a refund on sessions missed here:
While there are no problems with kids having a snack before or after class, we have a number of kids with nut allergies - for this reason, we ask that you refrain from bringing food containing nuts to the gym.
You can contact Nick on 021 258 3572.

A text message is usually best as we may be with clients, or coaching if you call. While we may not be able to respond immediately we can generally check your text and if it is urgent respond accordingly.